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Survivors of Trauma Treatment

Whether the abuse was inflicted as a child or an adult, survivors often struggle to move on and lead happy, peaceful lives. Therapy is a proven aid in understanding, expressing, integrating, and letting go, of the pain and confusion that may stem from abusive experiences. Intense, often negative feelings are not uncommon, and survivors should understand that having difficulty coping with upsetting memories, blocks to intimacy, anxiety, and other remnants of abuse is fairly typical, and can be worked through, in time, with good therapy. 


Working one on one with a therapist provides a more intimate and personal platform for someone who may not be comfortable revealing their emotions, or someone who may be too traumatized by the abuse to share their feelings with others. Either way, psychotherapy focuses on addressing the emotions related to the abuse and helps the client work through distorted perceptions, such as guilt and shame. Clients who receive therapy for the abuse learn how to manage the emotions related to the abuse in an adaptive way and begin to develop new responses and behaviors.  You can find our referral forms for trauma survivor's treatment below.

Referral Form
Referral Form_AdultAdolescent.pdf
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Below you find some resources that you can download or visit their website.  We hope that you will find them useful in helping with victims of trauma.

Informational brochures or pamphlets that may help:

What To Do If Your Child Discloses Sexual Abuse
Adobe Acrobat document [924.0 KB]
Children Exposed To Domestic Violence
Adobe Acrobat document [546.2 KB]

Pennsylvania Crime Victims (PCV)

Website: www.pacrimevictims.org

Victims Compensation

The Victims Compensation Assistance Program helps victims and their families through the emotional and physical aftermath of a crime by easing the financial impact placed upon them by the crime. As a victim of crime, you will always be treated with dignity, compassion and respect when being assisted through the victim’s compensation claim process.

You may be eligible to receive financial help from the Victims Compensation Assistance Program for a variety of expenses, such as, medical and counseling expenses, loss of earnings, loss of support, stolen cash, relocation, funeral, or crime scene cleanup.

The best way to file a claim is with the help of a victim advocate at your local Victim Service Program. Or you may file a claim yourself online. If you choose, you may download the victim's compensation claim form, complete and submit to the Victims Compensation Assistance Program. If you have already filed a victim’s compensation claim and have a claim number and PIN, you can check your claim status online.

You may also contact the Victims Compensation Assistance Program directly at (800) 233-2339 for assistance in filing a claim or to speak to staff that are available to answer your questions.


You can download Victims Compensation Claim Form below or apply online at the Pennsylvania Crime Victim's website.

Victims Compensation Claim Form

Victims Compensation Assistance Program [...]
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National Center for Victims of Crime

The nation's leading resource and advocacy organization for crime victims and those who serve them. Please join us as we forge a national commitment to help victims.  www.ncvc.org

Options for Victims.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [60.7 KB]
PDF Victims of Sexual Assault.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [70.8 KB]
PDF Victims’ Rights.pdf
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Note: You will need Adobe(r) Reader(r) to view PDF files. If you do not have it, you can download it for free.

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