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To the left you will find more information on each of the programs we provided and information on the laws in Pennsyvania pertaining to sex offenders.  Below is a brief description of the programs our office provides. For more information, contact our office.  Referral forms are also available for download.  The forms can be faxed or mailed to our office.

Adult Outpatient Sex Offender Treatment Program

WBH Services, LLC is a Pennsylvania Sexual Offender Assessment Board approved provider for Crawford, Venango, Warren, McKean, and Erie Counties. The Adult Sex Offender Treatment Program follows a cognitive-behaviorally based model which includes concepts of Self-regulation and The Good Lives Model developed by Yates, Prescott, and Ward (2011).  


In accordance with standards set by the State, WBH follows the Containment Approach to treating offenders who have acted out sexually. The containment approach allows for and encourages communication among the Agencies involved in monitoring and managing sex offenders in the community. This includes, but is not limited to, Adult Parole/Probation, State Police, the Courts, Child Welfare Professionals and Victims Services. This approach promotes wider coverage of the sex offender's movement, compliance with Court stipulations, and socialization back into the community. Open communication among these Agencies also assists to counteract potential manipulations, denial, and secretiveness that can characterize sexual offending behavior patterns. 


The treatment program itself follows eight distinct "phases" of clinical work:


Phase I: Introduction to Treatment

Phase II: Full Disclosure/Deviant Cycle

Phase III: Emotional Self-regulation

Phase IV: Sexual Self-regulation

Phase V: Cognitive self-regulation/Beginning Development of Relapse Prevention Plan



All clients complete a victim impact letter, clarification meeting with a victim's service representative, and community service project as part of their therapy. In addition, all clients who successfully complete the program are eligible to continue with therapy, free of charge on a voluntary basis.

Juvenile Specific Outpatient Treatment Program

The Juvenile Outpatient Treatment Program recognizes that children and adolescents who sexually act out are quite different than adult sexual offenders. As a result, the two populations require very different treatment approaches. WBH Services utilizes both the Pathways and Good Lives Model treatment approach developed by Howard Barbaree and William Marshall (2011). This treatment approach is based on the idea that successful treatment requires that adolescents not only learn adaptive skills but also develop healthy lifestyles in order to prevent re-offense. 


Therefore, WBH focuses on well-being, health, productivity, intimacy, safety, community, and emotional stability. Current research continues to show that adolescents with sexual behavior problems are a very diverse group, and represent the entire spectrum of the adolescent population. Most adolescents do best with a supportive and gentle therapeutic approach by a firm and directive therapist. Research also provides that therapy encompass the family as a major componenet to the child's treatment. 

Services Provided

The fee schedule for the evaluations provided for our treatment programs at WBH Services, LLC may be requested by contacting our office.

Psycho/Sexual Evaluation with or without Clinical Polygraph

A psychosexual assessment is an evaluation that focuses on an individual's sexual development, sexual history, paraphilic interests, sexual adjustment, risk level, and victimology. It also includes a full social history, familial history, employment/school history, case formulation, and specific treatment recommendations.  The Psycho/Sexual Evaluation may or may not include a clinical polygraph which is determined by the professional parties involved in the referral.

ABEL Screening with Interpretations

WBH Services clinicians are trained and licensed by Abel Screening, Inc. to administer and interpret the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interests.  The Abel Assessment is a psychological test designed to provide a self-report of a client’s sexual arousal patterns as well as an objective measure of that client’s sexual interests. 


Specialized Individual Counseling Session

Specialized Group Sessions

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